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Bear New Zealand Week Returns for 2024

It's time to save the date, reserve those flights, find a couch or book that hotel as Bear New Zealand Week is back for 2024! From 1 - 6 February, bears and their friends from all over New Zealand and afar will be taking over Auckland, making most of the last of summer (so, maybe bring those speedos?).

From Wet Fur, the Outdoor Adventure and the infamous Underwear Party, events are being confirmed and locked in so stay tuned to our website, Facebook Group or our Newsletter to keep up to date with what will be happening.

This year, we're working with Esmond Paterson on artwork for Bear New Zealand Week 2024 (giving local legends Don and Christophe a well deserved break). You can check out their work here:

Shirts with the new design will be available closer to the end of the year, so don 't miss out on grabbing one before the Meet and Greet!

If you have any questions, or you would like to lend a hand in helping, have an idea for a event, or you would like to put on an event within Bear New Zealand Week please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

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